Electronic Disposal Services


 What can we dispose for you?


Desktops - Laptops - Printers - Monitors - Cell Phones - Ink Cartridges - Tablets - TVs - Any e-waste such as graphing calculators or GPS units


 How do we dispose of it?


Currently we are involved in several recycling brigades through Terracycle including e-wastes, laptops, ink catridges, cell phones.  Terracycle credits our account per unit for distribution to our charity of choice, which is currently the Tri-Valley United Way.

We also utilize the recycling services of Harvey Metals to dispose of all remaining items not accepted through Terracycle.  


 Why use Expenet for Disposal Service?


1. It's free!

2. It's for a good cause!

3. Your data is wiped prior to leaving our shop!

4. Electronics contain materials harmful to our environment and should never be tossed into the trash!